From A Shadow Grave Book Review

A version of this book review for From A Shadow Grave by Andi C. Buchanan first appeared in The Lesbrary. Summary of From A Shadow Grave This paranormal fantasy novella follows “you,” Phyllis Avis Symons. She’s a young girl living in New Zealand in the early 1930s, in the years leading up to World War II.Continue reading “From A Shadow Grave Book Review”

Starfall Ranch Book Review

A version of this book review for Starfall Ranch by California Dawes first appeared in The Lesbrary. Summary of Starfall Ranch Shiloh “Shy” Kerridan moved off-planet to Sirona to start a new life five years before. Thisbe Vandergoss just escaped Earth to Sirona to elude the clutches of her evil parents. She left behind aContinue reading “Starfall Ranch Book Review”

Wanderlust: Athens, Greece

During my travel year in 2019, my trip to Greece started and ended in Athens, the capital. The juxtaposition of ancient ruins within a cosmopolitan city makes the longstanding history stand out. Even in the middle of the city, you still find archaeological sites. Walking Tour of Athens Our tour guide walked us around theContinue reading “Wanderlust: Athens, Greece”

How Sex Changed the Internet Book Review

I received an ARC of How Sex Changed the Internet and the Internet Changed Sex: An Unexpected History by Samantha Cole from the publisher a few months ago. It’s hard to resist a title like that. It came out already in November 2022, so if this book review piques your interest, I recommend picking upContinue reading “How Sex Changed the Internet Book Review”

Behind the Poems: Binary Code

The next poem in my Behind the Poems series is “Binary Code” originally published on Burning House Press. Bilingual bisexual bi-cultural. Ones and zeroes. DNA.Make a single switch or delete a digit and I become another. 01100010A Spanglish dictionary embedded en mi cerebro, flippingpages back and forth and sometimes pegándose. 01101001Dark brown curls cascading fromContinue reading “Behind the Poems: Binary Code”

TBR List Woes: It’s OK to Cut Ties With Books

I browsed through my Goodreads TBR list a couple of months ago to see what I wanted to buy with my Barnes & Noble birthday coupon. I ended up deleting several books from my list. I’m not the same person I was when I added them to my TBR years ago. It doesn’t mean they’dContinue reading “TBR List Woes: It’s OK to Cut Ties With Books”

New Friends

A few years ago I started sharing a short sci-fi story I wrote for a writing challenge called “Better Than Fiction” that I just really enjoyed. I posted the first four parts back in 2020 and never got around to posting the conclusion, but it’s finally here! You can catch up with the first fourContinue reading “New Friends”

Perspective Book Review

A version of this book review for Perspective by Monica McCallan first appeared in The Lesbrary. Summary and Plot of Perspective Campbell St. Claire is a best-selling author whose novel is being produced for a film led by Sloane Murphy, a former friend from college. But the two haven’t spoken since an incident one nightContinue reading “Perspective Book Review”

Wanderlust: Key West, Florida

I visited Key West, Florida with my cousin Amanda in April 2019. Every time she comes into town, I become a tourist in my home state. I feel like that happens for everyone because the same holds true whenever I visit her in New Jersey. Most people I talk to don’t like the beaches inContinue reading “Wanderlust: Key West, Florida”

A New Year of Content

Happy new year, friends! In 2021 I burned out on blogging and posted a lot less. Then, in 2022 I picked back up a bi-weekly schedule and posting twice a month. I’m determined to keep up that pace this year. I plan to continue with book reviews and my current series “Behind the Poems,” butContinue reading “A New Year of Content”