Behind the Poems: Battle of the Billboards

My next installment of Behind the Poems was first featured in the Avatar Review, Issue 21. I was inspired to write this one on a road trip I took driving up to Orlando with my best friend. The poem below is the result. On the drive up to Orlando through the 95, we saw billboardContinue reading “Behind the Poems: Battle of the Billboards”

We Now Return to a Bi-Weekly Schedule

I pulled back from blogging for the last couple of years to give myself time to recalibrate. My work/life schedule became overwhelming and I couldn’t fit blogging in as much as I used to before. But I find myself at a steadier pace these days with a better grasp on my time. So, I’m goingContinue reading “We Now Return to a Bi-Weekly Schedule”

Where to Go to Write

I’ve been trying to find new environments to place myself in for getting writing done. I don’t currently have an office space in my house (that’s changing soon though!), so I just make a little nest for myself in my bed using a pillow chair, blankets, and stuffed animals. It’s not the most comfortable thoughContinue reading “Where to Go to Write”

Later Gator

You glide by casually down the ‘Glades while our noisy asses throw waves and ripples in your territory but still you pay us no mind. And why would you? We’re chumps in comparison to your prehistoric perfected design. Blending with brackish waters, barely un ojito to be seen, a trail of bubbles telling us youContinue reading “Later Gator”

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome as a Writer

I may have mentioned before how I work full time and go to grad school part time. So, when does that leave time for writing? The answer is virtually never, and it kind of eats at me sometimes. There are some nights after work and studying that I do have a couple of hours toContinue reading “Dealing With Imposter Syndrome as a Writer”