Behind the Poems: Battle of the Billboards

My next installment of Behind the Poems was first featured in the Avatar Review, Issue 21. I was inspired to write this one on a road trip I took driving up to Orlando with my best friend. The poem below is the result. On the drive up to Orlando through the 95, we saw billboardContinue reading “Behind the Poems: Battle of the Billboards”

Travel Poetry: Keystone Gate

Writing travel poetry whenever I go somewhere new helps keep those memories fresh in my mind, whether I visited just a year ago or five years past. For this edition of travel poetry, I’m sharing my piece about the Agamemenon Keystone Gate in Mycanae, Greece from my trip in 2019. Ancient stone ruins hold aContinue reading “Travel Poetry: Keystone Gate”

Carry On Wayward Sons

Originally published on my old writer’s blog here, made for a chapbook for my friend’s birthday. It starts as far back as Michael and Lucifer, two brothers whose love drove to the destruction of Heaven and earth. One loved his Father, and the other adored his brother. This growing separation led to a road ofContinue reading “Carry On Wayward Sons”