Wanderlust: Nafplion & Olympia, Greece

Continuing on our April 2019 journey through Greece, we left Mycenae and Epidaurus for the next town. Nafplion We stopped in the charming town of Nafplion, where the laid-back vibes invited us to stroll through the alleyways and market square. When we got hungry, our group found a harborside restaurant and dug into some GreekContinue reading “Wanderlust: Nafplion & Olympia, Greece”

Wanderlust: Greece – Corinth Canal, Mycenae & Epidaurus

After starting in Athens, our adventure through Greece’s Ionian Coast continued. Corinth Canal We took a charter bus with our local guide from EF Ultimate Break and stopped at the Corinth Canal to take a picture. At the time, I hadn’t realized what an engineering feat this channel is. I only recently learned through workingContinue reading “Wanderlust: Greece – Corinth Canal, Mycenae & Epidaurus”

Wanderlust: Athens, Greece

During my travel year in 2019, my trip to Greece started and ended in Athens, the capital. The juxtaposition of ancient ruins within a cosmopolitan city makes the longstanding history stand out. Even in the middle of the city, you still find archaeological sites. Walking Tour of Athens Our tour guide walked us around theContinue reading “Wanderlust: Athens, Greece”

Wanderlust: Key West, Florida

I visited Key West, Florida with my cousin Amanda in April 2019. Every time she comes into town, I become a tourist in my home state. I feel like that happens for everyone because the same holds true whenever I visit her in New Jersey. Most people I talk to don’t like the beaches inContinue reading “Wanderlust: Key West, Florida”

Wanderlust: New York Revisited

I went to New York again in 2018, nine years after my last time there. Though in 2009, I did a quick day trip to visit a college, so not sure if that actually counts. It’s now been four years since I’ve been, but the city still holds a certain magic over me. And howContinue reading “Wanderlust: New York Revisited”