Ron Swanson Listens to Flo

This was a silly poem I wrote for our Floetry writing challenge last year, but I liked how it turned out. Enjoy! Ron Swanson Listens to Flo I’ve never been a man into the hippie dippy subculture of America. I think they’re lunatics, soft and turning children into inept adults, but what the heck, myContinue reading “Ron Swanson Listens to Flo”

Childhood Pranks —

Reblogged from The Drabble. I couldn’t not share this one. Too funny. By The Urban Spaceman Two weeks into summer break and bored out of their minds, Tommy and D.J. rode their bikes two miles to the abandoned church in the countryside. They spent three days chiselling the image of a giant penis into anContinue reading “Childhood Pranks —”