Wanderlust: Nafplion & Olympia, Greece

Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece

Continuing on our April 2019 journey through Greece, we left Mycenae and Epidaurus for the next town.


We stopped in the charming town of Nafplion, where the laid-back vibes invited us to stroll through the alleyways and market square. When we got hungry, our group found a harborside restaurant and dug into some Greek cuisine. We also had our first taste of the traditional ouzo here and raised it high with a “Yiamas!” That’s “Cheers!” in Greek.

streets of Nafplion, Greece

During our time in the town, one of our EF tour directors, whom we affectionately referred to as Uncle Jeff, took us to the nearby Tolo Beach. It’s here I had my first-ever ocean beer, which in my opinion is far superior to a shower beer. It was such a gorgeous, secluded beach, that I could have stayed there a whole week.

Atop a hill sits the Fortress of Palamadi, which has 999 steps to walk up to it. My group didn’t take on the endeavor, but we did enjoy the view of it lit up on a nighttime stroll.


Naturally, our tour took us to the ruins of Olympia, an incredible step back in time. It’s here where they held the first Olympic Games. Seeing the ancient track and columns where the winners stood inspired a sense of wonder. I found the Temple of Zeus and all the ruins so impressive, I even wrote a poem about it.

Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece

It’s been a while since this trip, so my memories may not be completely clear. But what I do remember most are the feelings.

I hope you’re enjoying this series so far and that you stick around for more to come.

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