Wanderlust: Nafplion & Olympia, Greece

Continuing on our April 2019 journey through Greece, we left Mycenae and Epidaurus for the next town. Nafplion We stopped in the charming town of Nafplion, where the laid-back vibes invited us to stroll through the alleyways and market square. When we got hungry, our group found a harborside restaurant and dug into some GreekContinue reading “Wanderlust: Nafplion & Olympia, Greece”

Travel Poetry: Running With Zeus

We visited the Temple of Zeus in Olympia on my trip to Greece in 2019. It’s hard to believe I’m already coming up on two years since that vacation. I felt like a kid exploring those ruins. I was obsessed with Greek mythology in middle school. Funny though, Zeus was never one of my favoriteContinue reading “Travel Poetry: Running With Zeus”