Wanderlust: Greece – Corinth Canal, Mycenae & Epidaurus

woman standing in the middle of an ancient amphitheater, Epidaurus, Greece

After starting in Athens, our adventure through Greece’s Ionian Coast continued.

Corinth Canal

We took a charter bus with our local guide from EF Ultimate Break and stopped at the Corinth Canal to take a picture. At the time, I hadn’t realized what an engineering feat this channel is. I only recently learned through working for a cruise company about its construction and how narrow it truly is.

On that day though, me, my friends and our newest acquaintances marveled over it from the bridge above, and took the opportunity for a selfie. It may seem like we were all old friends from the picture below, but we’d only just met the day before.


From there, we made our way to the ancient ruins of Mycenae where we walked through the Keystone Gate of Agamemnon. Walking out over stones that are thousands of years old will never cease to amaze me. All that’s left is rubble, but once upon a time, the fortress stood proud and buzzed with life.

ruins of Mycenae, Greece


Lying near the ruins of Mycenae was the ancient amphitheater of Epidaurus. The ancient Greeks truly had incredible minds. They engineered a stadium of optimal acoustics without any of the technology we have today.

Within the bounds of Epidaurus, we visited the archaeological museum. Artifacts from the Sanctuary of Asklepios showcased ancient medical history.

woman standing in the middle of an ancient amphitheater, Epidaurus, Greece

A combination of incredible views and awe-inspiring history make Greece a wonderful destination. More to come soon.

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