Revising Book Reviews for Re-Reads

Drawing of a person reading a book in front of a full book case

Have you ever re-read a book and thought twice about your initial review of it? I have.

Sometimes I come back to a book feeling that I liked it better the second time around. Does that mean I increase my rating?

Other times I realize I missed a lot of problematic aspects now that I’m more knowledgeable. Do I push the review and rating down?

Upon rereading a book, I have a better understanding of the nuances of the characters. I also have a better understanding of my social environment and how it relates to the book. I become a new reader each time I pick up the same book.

But does this mean I write a new review from this new perspective? Do I revise an old review with a note about the update?

It feels like a new review is in order if I’m coming at it from a different perspective than the original. However, what if I reread it again years later and notice more things I missed or feel differently once more? Do I create a series of book reviews as I change as a person and a reader?

These are just the musings of a bookworm. And I’m genuinely curious as to how other readers approach this conundrum. So, if you have a process for book reviews for rereads, I’d love to hear them.

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