We Now Return to a Bi-Weekly Schedule

I pulled back from blogging for the last couple of years to give myself time to recalibrate. My work/life schedule became overwhelming and I couldn’t fit blogging in as much as I used to before.

laptop on a dining table with mouse and mousepad on the right and food containers on the left
Can’t be a proper blogger without snacks

But I find myself at a steadier pace these days with a better grasp on my time. So, I’m going to attempt to return to a bi-weekly schedule after taking the last year and a half to do a monthly schedule.

I’ll be cheating a little bit and using posts I wrote originally for the Lesbrary, but tweaked for my blog. I figured having my content calendar filled out for the rest of the year will help me get back in the flow of posting twice a month.

I look forward to creating my content calendar for 2023 the closer I get to the end of the year. I’ve missed posting more frequently and I want to get back into book reviews, pieces about writing and records of my travels.

Thank you to those who have stuck around during my slowdown. And I hope you come along for the rest of the ride.

Let me know if there’s any other content you’d like to see more of on my blog!

2 thoughts on “We Now Return to a Bi-Weekly Schedule

  1. I always get confused with these terms. Does bi-weekly mean twice a week, or every two weeks? Anyway, it feels great to be back, doesn’t it? Spending time away from your blog always makes you more grateful when you return.

    Regarding post topics, me personally, I enjoy reading about the bloggers and their lives, or learnings, so that’s always fun.

    1. I could be using it wrong tbh lol. I mean every 2 weeks (or every other week however you see time passing). Yes, the rest period is always just as important for the creative proccess. Burnout is so real.

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