How to Find Diverse Books

While many readers often want to diversify what they read, they sometimes have trouble knowing how to find diverse books. Below you will find my collection of book databases to help you on your reading journey. I plan to keep adding to it the more I find. And if you have any websites or apps you like to use to diversy your shelves, please share them!

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how to find diverse books with LGBTQ+ representation

THE AROACE DATABASE – To help you read more aromantic and asexual perspectives, you can search by keywords, such as genre, category, other sexual orientations and more.

BI/PAN LIBRARY – Discover books by and about bisexual and pansexual people across genres and age groups.

BISEXUAL BOOKS – This Tumblr account keeps a running blog with reviews of bisexual books across genres and age markets. It’s a great resource to find recs.

LGBTQ READS – Run by author and blogger Dahlia Adler, this is a site dedicated to curating books across the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum for all ages.


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THE BIPOC BOOKSHELF – Aside from book recommendations, you will also find publishing industry resources for agents, editors and writers.

LAS MUSAS BOOKS – This one holds a special place in my heart as I was an Hermana mentee in Spring 2020. A great resource to find Latinx literature and keep up with the latest.

MELANIN IN YA – This database is specifically dedicated to helping you find Black authors, narrators, editors, cover designers, etc. in the young adult category.


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YA DISABILITY DATABASE – This blogger dedicates her website to providing reading recommendations with disability representation in the young adult category.

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