Behind the Poems

I’ve been thinking of starting a series called “Behind the Poems” that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram. Growing up with MTV and VH1, I may have been inspired by the Behind the Music series. I plan on discussing inspiration behind my poetry, why I chose their structures and more.

Introducing behind the poems
Ink and quill

I’ll start with one or two to see how this goes. I’m not sure yet this series will have legs, but I lose nothing in giving it a shot. Let me know if there are any poets out there who would like to participate!

In the meantime, take a look at my other poems here.

One thought on “Behind the Poems

  1. Oh yeah, this sounds like a solid plan. I grew up in the same era, and have even written some posts about life behind the chair (as a hairdresser). Maybe I was inspired by the same MTV and VH1 influences, though I don’t really recall Behind The Music type of stuff. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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