Wanderlust: Pichincha, Ecuador

Riding the teleferico up Pichincha trails

The final installment of my travels to Ecuador in 2018 end with a hike near the Pichincha volcanoes. We started with a teleferico ride up the mountainside to reach the first trail. Riding the cable car up the mountain, it’s blue sky and green hills all around. As the ride took us higher, I felt the thrill of climbing to heights reaching further into infinite sky.

We reached the first plateau where the volcano mirador stood. From that point, you can follow the peaks of Ecuador’s volcanoes along the horizon, using the mirador sign as your guide. After that, the path starts paved, heading toward a little church along the way up with a clear view of Rucu Pichincha.

Following the path is easier and takes you the long way, but you can go off road and climb the dirt paths created for horse riders and hardcore hikers. I still needed a little help to climb these paths, but I managed to make it up those dirt hills to see the view of mountains and grass all around. It leaves you breathless, but for someone like me, asthmatic and unathletic, it’s a triumph.

guagua pichincha ecuador
View of Guagua Pichincha

As we traversed the trail further up we got a clear view of Guagua Pichincha. The wind blew strong as we overlooked the cliffside, but I never felt more stable. There’s something about traveling to my father’s home country that makes it feel like home to me too, even though I’ve never lived there. I can only imagine what it feels like for him to return.

Experiences like these motivate me to become more active and involved in nature. This 2018 trip to Ecuador inspired me to take on hiking so I could get ready for the next adventure.

What trips have inspired you to become more active? Share in the comments!

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