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Greetings all! I wanted to do a little check-in and update post to let everyone know what’s been going on with my blog and website. Lately I’ve made some major changes. I wanted to become more than a blog, so I built my website out to include pages for my services.

Storytelling is my passion. I’m currently working full-time as a copywriter in the travel industry. But my dreams lie in publishing. I hope to someday become a part of that world and help bring the diversity it needs and deserves.

That’s why I’ve decided to become a freelance book editor. My specialty lies in poetry, as well as young adult sci-fi and fantasy. You can find details about my book editing services here. I’m ready and excited to help self-published authors or authors working with independent publishers.

But don’t worry. I’ll still use this blog space to share my stories, poetry, book reviews, and reading life thoughts.

Feel free to check out the website and let me know your thoughts. I’m open to feedback for improvements!

Thanks, all.

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  1. Are you me? I used to be in the travel industry while I harboured my dreams for fiction. Now I’ve quit my job to realise that dream, and am on my third cyberpunk manuscript. Wishing you all the best in your writerly endeavours!

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