Book Editing Services

Meagan Kimberly provides book editing services for self-published authors and small, independent presses. She specializes in poetry and young adult sci-fi & fantasy. She is open to adult sci-fi and fantasy as well.

Before submitting your work for publication, it’s important to make sure it’s ready. That means taking care of every stray comma, correcting spelling and grammar, and critically reviewing your story to ensure it conveys the message you want it to. Whether your story takes the form of a collection of poems or a sci-fi young adult novel, you want it to make the best impression on potential publishers and readers alike. Check out the book editing services Meagan Kimberly offers below.

Developmental Editing

Get the help you need to tell your story. From plot and character development to voice and point of view, Meagan Kimberly provides a keen, analytical eye to enhance your manuscript.

book editing service

Line Editing

Book editing services entail a more focused look on sentence structure and flow. Meagan Kimberly helps tighten your book manuscript with an experienced eye for finding what lines already shine, and which ones need some polish.


Get into the nitty gritty of book editing services. Here Meagan Kimberly dives into the final typos and misplaced punctuation that held on. She will take a critical look at the last bits and pieces that need to be put in place.

Tell your story.

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