Book Editing Services

Meagan Kimberly offers the following book editing prices. To request or inquire further about services, please send an email to with the project and service type in the email subject.

Book editing service packages $2 - $10 per page

Self-published authors often need book editorial services to make their manuscript polished and ready for publication. From poetry to young adult novels, Meagan Kimberly provides detailed feedback for the different types of book editing.

Developmental Editing

Meagan Kimberly offers developmental editing to help writers define their stories. She provides a keen sense of narrative that leads authors from the conceptual phase to the finished product. These developmental editing services give independent authors the benefit of creative collaboration often reserved for writers signed with big house publishers.

Line Editing

Meagan Kimberly offers expert line editing services to enhance and improve your novel manuscript. These book line editing services ensure attention to detail with knowledge on how to improve voice, tone, and syntax in your story. Line editing novel manuscripts helps your book get to the next level.


Copyediting services benefit self-publishing authors who are near the finish line of their book manuscript. The proofreading process is meticulous, making sure every stray comma and period is in its proper place. Meagan Kimberly pays special attention to consistency in spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation to make sure your novel is clean and ready to send for publishing.

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