5 Exercises to Help with Your Writing

Whether you write fiction, poetry, essays or anything else, every writer needs to hone their craft. Practicing your art doesn’t necessarily mean writing within the same genre or category all the time. Sometimes, it benefits you to step out of your usual writing zone and engage with a different skill to improve your own. HereContinue reading “5 Exercises to Help with Your Writing”

What I Learned From NaNoWriMo

November is known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. I’d heard about the event for several years, but there was always something keeping me too busy to participate. This year, as I found myself self-employed, time was abundant. I finally took the plunge and aimed for the 50,000 words to get aContinue reading “What I Learned From NaNoWriMo”

List of Inclusive Publishing Outlets

I originally posted this resource on my Tumblr page here. This is a list of publications that are open to or specifically only publish writers of different backgrounds. The Shade Journal Winter Tangerine PANK Magazine CAGIBI Glass Poetry Press Rattle Desert Rose The Shallow Ends Cotton Xenomorph Wildness Burning House Press The Acentos Review I’mContinue reading “List of Inclusive Publishing Outlets”

Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Write Badly

One of my favorite writers, Cinda Williams Chima, recently made a post on Goodreads saying, “I give myself permission to write badly,” in answer to a question about how she gets past writer’s block. That’s really what writer’s block, isn’t it? The fear of failure. The doubt that you might not have something important toContinue reading “Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Write Badly”

Becoming a Real Writer

It’s hard to feel the confidence to say you’re a writer. I often said I like to write, but never really said I was a writer. Even when I started writing a book, I still didn’t call it a book. I called it a story or manuscript at most. Recently though, the more I writeContinue reading “Becoming a Real Writer”

What I Learned About Writing From Taking a Long Time to Read a Book

I picked up a book in Spain over three years ago because it looked interesting. I thought, “I’m proficient enough in Spanish, and this sounds like a fun action-thriller that will be a breeze.” It was not a breeze. I am not proficient in Spanish (though my father said he didn’t think it was aContinue reading “What I Learned About Writing From Taking a Long Time to Read a Book”