The Names We Take Book Review

A version of this book review for The Names We Take by Trace Kerr first appeared in The Lesbrary. Summary This young adult dystopian novel takes place in Spokane, Washington after an epidemic called the One Mile Cough wipes out a huge chunk of the population. Pip, the protagonist, is an intersex trans girl justContinue reading “The Names We Take Book Review”

Meagan Reads YA Fiction: Wrecked by Maria Padian

This is a post I made for my cousin’s blog. Click the link below to see the full review. This one is a bit of a backlist, as it was published in 2016. However, its contents and story are still relevant, as they have always been, and as I fear they may always be. IContinue reading “Meagan Reads YA Fiction: Wrecked by Maria Padian”