From A Shadow Grave Book Review

A version of this book review for From A Shadow Grave by Andi C. Buchanan first appeared in The Lesbrary. Summary of From A Shadow Grave This paranormal fantasy novella follows “you,” Phyllis Avis Symons. She’s a young girl living in New Zealand in the early 1930s, in the years leading up to World War II.Continue reading “From A Shadow Grave Book Review”

The Labyrinth’s Archivist Book Review

A version of this book review for The Labyrinth’s Archivist first appeared in The Lesbrary and contains spoilers! Summary The Labyrinth’s Archivist is the first in the Broken Cities series. It follows Azulea, the daughter of the Head Archivist and granddaughter of the former Head Archivist. The Labyrinth contains winding paths and hallways with gates toContinue reading “The Labyrinth’s Archivist Book Review”