2 Poems by Adam Strauss — BURNING HOUSE PRESS

This is poetry that I don’t completely understand on a logical level, but its sound and flow and rhythm make me feel like I understand something about it viscerally. Click the link to read the 2 poems! His Body Retold He abraded marble Until he reached skin, inner than Any thigh and equally muscular. HeContinue reading “2 Poems by Adam Strauss — BURNING HOUSE PRESS”

From Joanna Pickering through BHP

What an absolutely talented writer. The language is just so beautiful, which just adds to the devastation of the story. Seriously, do not miss out on this one! Marrakesh, Old Town Everyone seemed to have rotten, black, and missing front teeth. They were friendly and kept smiling and that’s how I saw they mostly hadContinue reading “From Joanna Pickering through BHP”