If the services provided by Meagan Kimberly are not the right fit for your needs, or she is unable to take new clients, here are other writers, editors, and graphic designers you can consult. The following is a network of freelance creatives Meagan Kimberly has worked with that provide equally excellent services.

Additional Freelance Writers

Travel Write Her

Felicia Muniz is the writer/editor who created Travel Write Her. This travel blog has been a passion project and a great outlet for her love of travel, writing, and relationships.

Caitlin Diamante

Caitlin Diamante is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in history and a minor in anthropology. She is currently pursuing jobs in the marketing field as a writer and editor. Her goal is to create engaging, valuable content by empowering readers with knowledge or helping clients achieve business goals.

Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres is a freelance content writer and editor. An avid learner and researcher, she has written content for a variety of subjects, such as government services, substance abuse addiction, automobile guides, religious practices and spirituality, children’s book fiction, lifestyle humor, travel and recreation, and psychology. As an editor, she knows both AP and Chicago Manual Style. She is also very familiar with SEO marketing techniques and strategies. Feel free to email her for rates and services at

Bernardo Sim

Bernardo Sim is a writer, editor, and content creator who was born and raised in the Amazon (Brazil). Currently, he lives in South Florida. Bernardo is constantly thinking in English and in Portuguese, often at the same time.

Pablo Diaz

Pablo Diaz is a copywriter and content strategist in South Florida. He specializes in helping brands translate their voices across paid ads, emails, landing pages, blog posts and UI flows. He is passionate about integrating these and other forms of content into a cohesive and effective user journey. He can be contacted at

Graphic Designers

Sarah Bacchus

Sarah Bacchus is a graphic designer with a background in customer service. She’s lead an art department and managed a variety of different teams which is why she knows customer service and good graphic design are hard to come by. She wants to bridge that gap and make it easier to find for local businesses.

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