What is Developmental Editing?

Developmental editing is best described as big picture editing. It’s the first phase in the revision process of writing a story, book, or manuscript. During the first round of revising, developmental editors help writers define their overall structure. This means analyzing character development, plot development, narrative structure, and the sequence of events, among many other elements.

Some developmental editing tips to take into consideration include the following:

  • Create a character sheet for each primary and substantial supporting character.
  • Develop a beat sheet for the important events that take place in the story.
  • Consider messages and themes you are trying to convey with your novel.
  • Ask yourself who your audience is.

Developmental editors work with authors to discover what the true meaning is behind the surface plot. They offer an analytical perspective that questions everything, from setting to pacing, to help writers improve their manuscripts.

Meagan Kimberly’s developmental editing services offer self-published authors the opportunity to clearly tell the stories they want to tell. She offers advice on voice, tone, imagery, character dynamics, and much more. Her creative writing expertise provides independent writers the assistance they need to make their work shine.

The developmental editing rates include video chat sessions with the editor for clear lines of communication during the process. Meagan Kimberly will also work with authors through shared documents on Google Drive or via email using track changes and comments.

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