What is Copyediting?

Copyediting and proofreading are the final stages of the revision process, and often go hand-in-hand. Copyediting goes into granular detail about grammar, spelling, consistency in point of view, and punctuation.

Copyedit services still entail a hard look at sentence structure, but ultimately its purpose is to polish a complete piece of work. Professional copyediting services require a critical eye and comprehensive knowledge of style formatting requirements.

Here are some copyediting tips to consider when revising your mansucript:

  • Become familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style if writing a novel or short pieces for journals.
  • Make a checklist of issues to keep track of during revisions.
  • Determine the tense and point of view beforehand to ensure consistency throughout.
  • Keep a dictionary on hand for spelling references.

Meagan Kimberly’s copyediting rates include video chat conferences to encourage open communication between the editor and client. Writers seeking a copyeditor should feel free to ask questions throughout the process.

Meagan Kimberly also offers a collaborative option with the use of a shared document through a cloud storage like Google Drive. She also allows emailed Word documents and the use of track changes and comments.

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