Ron Swanson Listens to Flo

This was a silly poem I wrote for our Floetry writing challenge last year, but I liked how it turned out. Enjoy! Ron Swanson Listens to Flo I’ve never been a man into the hippie dippy subculture of America. I think they’re lunatics, soft and turning children into inept adults, but what the heck, myContinue reading “Ron Swanson Listens to Flo”

Meagan Reads Poetry: Card of Fate by Duke of Quails

I was asked by a Goodreads author to review their book of poetry honestly, so here are my thoughts on Card of Fate by Duke of Quails. This collection of poetry deals with the subject of gambling addiction, mostly from the perspective of the addict. Each poem reiterates the vicious cycle of one more hit,Continue reading “Meagan Reads Poetry: Card of Fate by Duke of Quails”

Weft & Weave

The following is a poem I wrote for Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge back in February. Here’s a link to the original page and image that inspired this work: This is just a single piece. A fragment of imagination as a childish version remembers it. Patchwork puzzle piece across America where all highways and blue skies withContinue reading “Weft & Weave”

No, Thank You. Not Today, Sir

I went to a poetry workshop a couple of months ago for cabaret poetry. It was a new and fun experience. Here’s the work that resulted from that workshop with pictures of me reading. You saw me sitting from across the bar through the smoky curtain of your Cuban cigar. “Mami, pero you’re too prettyContinue reading “No, Thank You. Not Today, Sir”

Guardian Angels

This is another one from the Supernatural chapbook I’d made for my friend’s birthday. Originally shared here. “Angel of God, my guardian dear. To whom his love commits me here…” —Old children’s prayer Mom always said angels were watching over me but with what life dealt me, I found that hard to believe. Then IContinue reading “Guardian Angels”

Carry On Wayward Sons

Originally published on my old writer’s blog here, made for a chapbook for my friend’s birthday. It starts as far back as Michael and Lucifer, two brothers whose love drove to the destruction of Heaven and earth. One loved his Father, and the other adored his brother. This growing separation led to a road ofContinue reading “Carry On Wayward Sons”

All Books Matter

Browsing my city’s Barnes & Noble, I figured it would be a long shot, but thought, What the hell? Why not give it a try?  My dad had been looking a long time for a book of poetry by a Spanish writer named Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.  Believe me, it’s a hard thing to come by.Continue reading “All Books Matter”

A Quick Introduction

Hello, world! My name is Meagan, and I’m a writer. What do I write? A little bit of everything honestly. I love to write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and I’ve even dabbled in script writing. However, it’s not just creative writing I’m capable of. As my interests include books, television and music, I enjoy writing reviewsContinue reading “A Quick Introduction”